give me a character (from anything ever) in my ask and I’ll rate:

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady datefriend | neither | i don’t know

I couldn't be despairingly happier!

i went to read a fic and i,






They call me coffee cuz I grind so fine

They call me coffee I keep you up past 2 am

They call me coffee because I’m really bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of what I am

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EW Comic-con )

can you explain queer baiting? I just googled it but i'm not fully understanding.



To my (admittedly limited) understanding, queer baiting is something commonly seen on television when two characters have gay subtext between them and then the show plays the “lol no homo” card and they go back to being completely straight afterward. Sherlock does this a lot, where they allude and make jokes about Watson and Sherlock’s relationship and then Watson goes “of course we’re not gay! How could you ever think that! Homosexuality is just a funny plot device for laughs.” With female queer baiting, two otherwise straight cis women are allowed to be more physically intimate with each other (gotta please that straight male audience) but their relationship is never elaborated on and they return to having relationships with cis men. The other side of that, is by alluding to a character’s not-totally-hetero sexuality as a type of intrigue and then never fully delivering on it. It’s a shock factor but not something that is taken seriously. It’s basically super shitty because LGBT+ people deserve way better representation than this.

he refuses to discuss this with me. rent is 13 years overdue”




we don’t just need feminism, we need lisa simpson feminism




The best part about the Simpsons was it was written all by educated men that wanted to be comedians but saw things wrong with the world and wanted change.




Hey man, I’m just trying to keep this friendship alive and you’re kinda not cooperating with me lol

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